16 Misinformation Spreads On Internet After Ankara Blast

16) Is Destina Peri Parlak’s relative the guy who read book at Gezi protests?

Couple of hours later than the explosion, Hayat TV reporter made an interview with a citizen, who meanwhile got angry saying “your power, religion, wealth shall go to hell” in front of Numune Hospital (at the beginning of the video, the sign of the hospital is seen). News portals such as Akit, Haber 7 claimed the citizen in the video is the protestor who read book to police at Gezi Parkı and this claim widespreaded by Melih Gökçek. Below is one of the mostly shared images regarding the claim:

şehit yakını provokatör

Through the Ayşe Arman’s interview and discussion topic at sour times (ekşisözlük), it is learned that the youngster read book to police at Gezi protests named Hasan Hüseyin Karabulut.

As seen from the screenshot below, Hasan Hüseyin was in Malta two hours before Hayat TV published the video at 22:50 on March 13th.

hasan hüseyin

We should our raise voice to create a world where we can say we are safe not by ourselves but together. otherwise, we are approaching to a day where we will be segregated and killed individually. #massacreiseverywhere #iamnotsafe #wearenotsafe #sur #cizre #reyhanlı #maraş #madımak #ankara #türkiye #sultanahmet #roboski #amed #fransa #beyrut

Taking into account that the distance between Malta and Ankara is about 3700 kilometers and such a distance cannot be covered that fast, it can be understood that Hasan Hüseyin Karabulut is not the citizen lost his relative; and these newspapers are after a provocation. Karabulut indicated that he has been living in Malta for 4 months at his interview on T24 website.

15) 14-year-old paper collector Muharrem, is not dead

The “image” below is not real. Despite the fact that there is a person called Muharrem Çermik among deaths, he is 80 years old. As well, the photo of the paper collector child was used in March 15th, 2014.

muharrem kağıt işçisi

14) Minister of Education Nabi Avcı resigned hoax
nabi avcı istifa

This is enough. I am not going to be a party to this crime. I am not going to turn a blind eye to Dear President’s arbitrary management of the party and the country. Therefore, I am resigning from Justice and Development Party and the Ministry. I am sorry but we will always be on the side of the right. From now on, I am do not have any relation with Justice and Development Party. I will continue my duty as an independent member of parliament. If you don’t have “share” button, SHARE clicking on the image.

The news that minister Nabi Avcı resigned with the tweets he has sent became fastly widespread in Facebook. The screenshot above is from those tweets. Avcı, does not have an official Twitter account. In the profile info of the account, @NabiAvci_MEB, it was written that it is a parody account. Twitter currently suspended the account. Ministry of Education’s official Twitter account sent a tweet denying the resignation of the Minister.

It says: “We will initiate a legal procedure against these accounts, we kindly request not to rely on the statements made from such accounts.”

13) List of secret attack list of PKK, is reached by hackers as a result of hacking PKK's site

Wrong. List is 2016 Newroz programme that is announced by People’s Democratic Party.

fake tarih yerler newroz

Dates and cities planned to be bombed according to the Pkk websites, hacked by Ay-yıldız hack team. Please share, inform everyone.

12) The slogan “Thief Murderer Erdoğan” shout in the video is dated October 11th

According to this Facebook post, video is recorded during a protest for Ankara bombing on March 13. However the video is from the protests after bombings near central train station and is dated October 11th, 2015:

11) The claim that Ankamall and Gordion shopping centers are evacuated upon bomb denouncement.

Baseless. Reached by journalists, Administration of Gordion and Ankamall shopping centers have denied the claims.

ankamall gordion

“It is said that Ankamall and Gordion (shopping malls) have been evacuated due to an emergency call. I advise you to avoid these areas, in case you consider going to these places”

10) The U.S. Embassy’s Warning for March 20th

The claims that the Embassy has warned U.S. investors about terror attacks on March 20th are not based on any reliable resource or evidence. It would be sensible not to share these unreliable news appeared on news portals in order not to cause fear and panic.

The Embassy publicly shared a warning on March 20th last year warned against the Newroz celebrations on March 21.

abd büyükelçiliği 20 mart

“USA’s Terrorist Attack Warning for March 20th”

9) KCK Statement

“An attack to be embraced in every aspects” statement of KCK after the explosion in Ankara on March 13th does not reflect reality. The statement was published in BirGün Newspaper on March 11th and is referring to Zinar, the perpetrator of the explosion on February 17th.

11 mart kck açıklaması

KCK Statement on Ankara explosion. “An attack to be embraced in every aspects”

8) The claim that Hasan G. is injured from explosion who is found in the morning

The claim was that Hasan G. is found at morning hours in front of Ministry of Justice and that he was injured at the explosion in the evening yet not noticed until the morning. The friends of Hasan G, who is getting treatment at Numune Hospital, state that “Hasan is not injured at the explosion, he went to the area much later and fainted there”

saldırıda yaralanan hasan g sabah bulundu

“The METU student injured at the explosion found in the morning “

7) The claim that 138 are dead

I am stating the message from a senior executive from one of the public hospitals in Ankara, who wants to remain anonymus:

Deaths are not more than 40. Yes, they have shaken our confidence but the information is true that deaths are around 35-40. At the emergency, we witness 112 (the hotline) and police announcements during the incident.. Also we know the mortuary capacity of the forensics. Therefore, we can as well estimate. If the number of deaths exceed 35-40, they call us to stop the transfer of the funerals. Also, injured are recorded as soon as they arrive to the emergency, meanwhile the list of other people who are at the emergency is taken from the database and sorted out since they can accidentally appear at the same list with injured people. And as well, there are injured people who are transferred from one hospital to another, who might take place twice at the lists.

6) The claim that the bomber is Cumhuriyet Newspaper reporter

Tweets about the claim are as follows:

yeni şafak canlı bomba cumhuriyet gazetesi

#BREAKİNGNEWS! It turnes out that the Ankara blast bomber is a reporter from Cumhuriyet Newspaper!

cumhuriyet iddiaları

sağlam irade: suicide bomber turns out to be Cumhuriyet reporter, the second person of CHP appears on pkk’s television (channel) as the explosion, which is done by pkk, happens… sağlam irade: Ankara blast’s perpetrator, the female suicide bomber, is a Cumhuriyet reporter.. #MyCondolencesToCanDündar sağlam irade retweeted: Ankara suicide bomber Seher Çağla Demir was a former Cumhuriyet Reporter. #MyCondolencesToCanDündar @candundaradasi

Cumhuriyet Newspaper made a statement refuting the claims, saying “there has never been such a reporter from any region.”

5) The claim that ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack

The tweet regarding ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack is not based on any resource.

ışid ankara patlamasını üstlendi iddiası

4) The claim that 20 licence plates is published by Security General Directorate

Today, newspapers published news that Security General Directorate published a warning message that includes the list of 20 licence plates, which were spreaded through Whatsapp messages right after the explosion. (News on Cumhuriyet, News on T24) But when we consulted with the Directorate’s Press Office on the phone, we have learned that this list is not published by the Directorate.

plaka listesi

It is crucial to indicate that 5 of these plates do not correspond with e-state data, and 1 is not recorded on the e-state.

plaka listesi e-devlet verileri

3) The explosion photo claimed to be from Ankara is not right

The photo seen below is not from Ankara. At the time of the explosion, it was dark outside. Moreover, it can be seen that licence plates in sight are foreign. Here is the original source of photo from 2014, Beirut.

Ekran Resmi 2016-03-13 20.51.38

2) One of the videos of explosion is from February 17 blast

The video uploaded to Youtube today and introduced as capturing today’s explosion is actually a footage of February 17 blast shot from a different angle. The video subjected to claims is:

The footage of February 17 blast:

This is box title

According to the claims, TÜRGEV has warned its students to stay away from Kızılay through an SMS. The news about this SMS was published after February 17 blast and received attention in the media:

“Türgev warned its students:

Dear student,

We have received intelligence information about a car laden with explosives being searched for. Please do not go near Kızılay.”

türgev sms

Thank you for English translation: Fulden Ergen, Kıvılcım İlbaşı, Elif Meryem Ünsal

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